The Power Quality Portal
Quality Surge Protection for Electric, Telephone and Cable / Satellite for Your Home

The Power Quality Portal is a one stop shop for quality Eaton Surge Protection Products. Protecting your sensitive electric devices such as computers, televisions, and other fine electronics is important.
We offer quality surge protection equipment to help protect your electric power service with the Eaton CHSP2ULTRA, telephone and cable / satellite signal delivery free from electric surges and spikes with the Eaton Surge Tel and CHSPCABLE.  The products offered include primary surge protection at the service entrance for electric, telephone, and cable / satellite systems.  All products offered are manufactured and warranted by Eaton Cutler-Hammer. 
Single entry point Electric Surge Protection for any circuit entering from the outside, such as wells, outdoor lighting etc.
Eaton Surge Cable / Satellite
Protect your TV / Computer with the Surge Cable surge protection from Eaton.
Eaton Surge Tel
Protect your telephone, fax and computer equipment with SurgeTel surge protection from Eaton
Protect your entire electric panel with
the CHSP2ULTRA - SurgeTrap from Eaton.