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CHSPCABLE Eaton Cable Surge Protection for Cable / Satellite Services for Your Home
CHSPCABLE by Eaton is a cable surge protection device with quick connect design to add additional telephone and AC protection modules.  Indoor installation only unless used with rain-tight enclosure.

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The CHSPCABLE is another quality surge protection device for cable surge protection by Eaton. Most homes are filled with electronic devices - entertainment systems, computers, etc.  The microchips inside these devices are extremely sensitive to voltage fluctuations and are susceptible to costly or permanent damage form electrical spikes and surges.  The need for the Eaton CHSPCABLE - cable surge protection - has become increasingly important.  You can be confident knowing that an Eaton CHSPCABLE - cable surge protection - device is protecting your home from electric surges.
  • Easy "In/Out" wiring cable wiring connections
  • Quick Connect Design - Connects to AC Power Protection Module - CHSP2ULTRA